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AlphaTransfers  is your Money Transfer!


Since 2007, a Leading Company in Remittances to Brazil.

Sending money with Alpha Transfers is simple,

1, 2 and 3 steps and that’s it!

1st Step

+32 2 342 2022

Save our Number on your phone and talk to us.


2nd Step


Transfer the desired amount to one of our accounts.

3rd Step

Peace of Mind

Receive your money in BRAZIL quickly, easily and safely.


Do you want an even faster transaction?

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Do you charge a fee for your remittance services?

Our policy is ZERO FEE for standard transfers to BRAZIL.

Which countries can I send to?

We make payments in all countries with the following currencies:

Real, Pounds Sterling, Euro and Swiss Franc.

What do I need to provide in order to send money with you?

The details from the person making the transaction and whom is receiving the money: Identification document / address / telephone.

If sending to Brazil: Full name / CPF / Bank / Agency / Account.

If sending to Eurozone, British Pounds or Swiss Franc: Full name / Account number in European format (IBAN).

How can I know your exchange rate?

Just talk to us on our Telefone/WhatsApp  +32 2 342 20 22 and save our number on your phone, and we will register your number to receive our exchange rates and promotions via WhatsApp.

Where is your store?
Rue Dethy 4, 1060 Bruxelas, Bélgica
How long does it take for the payment to be made?

For Brazil there is an express service that is paid on the same day (commercial times permitting) and a standard service that takes up to 2 working days. Within Europe, it also takes up to 2 working days.

I would like to apply to work with you, can I send my CV?

Yes, you can send it to rh@alphatransfers.eu
However, we only analyse CVs when we have vacancies, to get to know just stay connected on our social networks and our WhatsApp.

In case I have any other questions?

Learn more about Alpha Transfers

Our Company

Alpha Transfers is formed by a group of companies specialized in Financial Payment and Exchange Services. Beginning its activities in 2007 and has been operating successfully since then. The group started in the UK and built a strong brand specializing in Forex, Brazil and Europe. Progressively expanded its operations to five countries in Europe:

United Kingdom, Belgium, Ireland and the Netherlands → Alpha Transfers
Switzerland → Omega Express GMBH

We are licensed and regulated by financial authorities:
FCA Financial Conduct Authority in UK;
NBB – Banque Nationale de la Belgique in Belgium; and
PolyReg – Self-Regulatory Body recognised by the Swiss Federal Money Laundering Control Authority.

We believe that transferring money should be:
Fast + Safe + Simple.


We are proud of our work in Belgium


Happy Clients



Our Store

Grupo Alpha Transfers


The store was completely renovated and expanded to better serve our customers and friends. Among many improvements we made, we would like to highlight our new waiting room, which has air conditioning and is much more comfortable and spacious.

Rue Dethy 4, 1060 Brussels


or In Person

Rue Dethy 4, 1060 Brussels

 Seg – Sab: 9:00 to 20:00

 Dom: 10:00 to 16:00

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